Friday, December 24, 2010

Little Collections

I am making  little collections of limited edition prints from paintings and sketchbooks. 
Over the holidays I shall put together some others.  Each print is small, about 7cm x 10 cm or 2.5 inches x 4 inches. The size of a playing card.   They look wonderful framed in little frames and displayed together.  Printed on beautiful archival watercolour paper they are wrapped in a little folio made from watercolour paper.  Each collection will hold 12 little prints. 
This first one is from a trip I made to China many years ago, in 1984.
My sketch books were very important to me and to this day the drawings from that trip remain far more important than any photos that I took.
Watch out for more mini folios...and have a Very Happy Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Light

18cm x 48cm or 7inches x 18 inches
The same line of Cornish oaks but this time in the first light of a cold frosty morning.  In the rushing madness of just before Christmas it is very good indeed to take a little time out, look at the sky, watch the dawn and feel blessed to be alive and to have friends and family to love and cherish.  Happy times to everyone, always.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cornish Oak.

 Watercolour with scratching out over pencil   SOLD
40 cm x 18cm or 16 inches x 7 inches

There is a line of Cornish Oaks, (also known as sessile oak) very near my house.  Their wind pruned shapes, gnarled and twisted against the sky are beautiful in any light but in the evening they excel.  As the sun dips lower in the sky and frost kisses the tips of the grass they stand out, almost in silhouette, like dancing sisters, lacy tracery of tiny branches against a cold cold sky.
I was checking out the new Google Books feature the other day and put in my name and it came up with lots of stuff, one of which was a painting by my great great grandfather with this description, Watercolor with scratching out over pencil, that sounds good I thought, so I did this painting as a bit of a homage to my old ancestor.  It was his influence, from way beyond the grave, via his ancient painting kit that languished in my Grandmothers attic, that made me think, at a very tender age, that being an artist was a good plan.
 So here you can see, in this detail, the scratching out as well as the pencil.  It is a nice technique, pencil work gives you confidence in that you know where everything is going before slapping on the colour and the scratching out provides that little frisson of excitement, will it wreck everything!
I don't think it did wreck it, just gave the frosty grass a little sparkle as it caught the last light of the day.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Snowing

20cm x 50 cm or 8 inches x 20 inches

It is snowing!  Last light of the day and the cows are wandering off to find shelter in the lea of a hedge somewhere.
I love it when the leaden, snow laden sky lets go its hold and soft white flakes begin to fall, they bring a strange silence with them.

Snow sketches

Snow Cows Sketch

Watercolour sketchbook
No painting for so long feels odd.  I have got a bit of spare time having worked very hard on other commitments and finally got out and about, in the cold and snow.  This will be the info for a painting later today...will post up the results.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Winter Paintings on Show

Beside The Wave have their Winter 2010 exhibition up online today, with everything available to purchase from the web site right now and the opening, with mulled wine and mince pies, on Saturday.  It is on for a month and there are some lovely paintings there. 
I wont go on about everyone elses here as I do that on their blog, to which I am a blog reporter and which you must visit, because it has some interesting posts about art and artists...
I am really pleased with my set of paintings, all beautifully framed and looking fantastic.  My absolute favorite is the one at the top, it is very simple, a fallen tree, over the river (Frenchmans creek) in the snow.  I love the very faint reflections of the trees on the other bank.  My next favorite is "Swans on the River" which is the one that was exhibited at the Royal Institute last spring.
All of my paintings, except one, were painted last winter, when it snowed.  I painted them especially for this exhibition, which shows surprising forward planning for me.  Anyway pop over to the web site to see all the paintings that are in the show and don't forget to hook up with the blog, and, if you can, visit the gallery in person.