Friday, January 21, 2011


Oil on board
25 cm x 20 cm or 10 inches x 8 inches
Fantastic morning, freezing cold but stunning. 
It was very difficult to do as the reflections were glassy and clear with places where soft mist rose up off the water.  It took all my artistic strength to get this as far as I have.  Working "alla prima" ( in other words in one hit) is difficult, doing it "en plein air" (out side) is tough too.  You are cold, wet, hot whatever the day is throwing at you, the subject is changing rapidly.  This might have been better with several careful layers, rubbing in the mist, carefully laying down the reflections but...being there is so intoxicating and the paintings fill up with little marks and codes that I am smitten and willingly sacrifice the messy paintings for the learning opportunity...and so it goes on!

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Katherine Thomas said...

Your work is so rich and vibrant. I can tell you painted everything with great passion. I hope to see lots more!