Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catching The Sun

Oil on board
17 cm x 20 cm or 7 inches x 8 inches
I started this one yesterday, in that glorious burst of sunshine.  The boats moored up along the river were all bright and beautiful against dark fields. 
I am enjoying the renewed burst of painting that this project has created, it seems to be stoking the furnace.  Anyway I hatched a plan, a mini series, the same view through the day, every two hours for 24 hours.  It would involve a lot of coffee and a bit of a "camp" with fire, tent etc, I think and perhaps waiting for slightly better weather but it could be good!  I shall be on the lookout for a suitable site.

1 comment:

oli said...

You definitely caught the sun. I love the luminous color of the gras, beautiful picture.