Monday, January 10, 2011

Falling Tide, Much Rain.

Oil on board
16 cm x 15 cm or 6 inches almost square.
Rain and rain and rain, quite a lot of wind, cold and more rain, it was strangely nice though, should have painted in my parker hood round the edges!
A bit like this...
(a little computer added parker here,)
also, I must add that while I did stand out in the hideous rain and wind I didn't complete the painting there, I did a quick very soggy sketch and took a few snaps, a tiny video and rushed back to my warm studio to do this.  Working from bad photos and little films is great but you do have to get out there in the first place.  You have got to get that cold grey wet into your soul!

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Art Fortune said...

Really enjoy the story on your blog that goes with this piece. I agree that you have to get out there, wish it was more possible to paint out in the rain! I love your use of many tones of gray in order to achieve this rainy day landscape. Very clever with the hood! art