Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Ice Moon

Oil on board  SOLD
50 cm x 20 cm or 20 inches x 8 inches

3.30am this morning. It was icy cold and inky dark with soft slivers of greenish light behind the horizon. The ice moon sat big and very clear, outshining the stars like she was queen of the sky. No one awake save me and a couple of distant owls. I scribbled and noted and stood and remembered then scurried home ready to paint what I saw and this is it. You might have to click on the image to actually see anything but, I can assure you, there is stuff there!


Jeanette said...

Gorgeous! I love the subtle changes in colour in the sky and water.

I so need to do a night painting.

rob ijbema said...

this one is special sarah
very good!

Sarah Wimperis said...

Thanks Jeanette, I am happy you could make that out on the image!
Thank you Rob, praise from a plein air master is nice!