Monday, February 28, 2011


Oil on Linen Canvas 50 x 40 cm or 15.7 x 19.7 inches.
The sum of February, there seemed to be a lot of mist and rain, at least that was my impression.  Beautiful softening of the landscape, lovely green grey colours in the water.  I finished this off just now on the last day of the month and, as if to contradict me the day is stunning, blue sky and bright sun shine so I might have to go out and do some painting, perhaps a different subject.  There have been times during this month when I have struggled to get down to the daily pontoon recording.  There have been interruptions from my day job as an illustrator, family troubles and worries and beastly weather but every single time the effort has been worth it.  The weather is never as bad as it seems from inside the house, I have good waterproofs.  I need a break from illustration work and always return with renewed vigour.  Problems and sadness are put into perspective by a little time out and what has become a kind of meditation.  I have discovered however that, far from being an angst driven artist, I do not paint well when I am unhappy and if I wasn't trying to be so brutally honest with myself with this project ( it is as much an observation piece for me as a painter learning as it is of the changing seasons) I would have happily destroyed several pieces by now.  I do really appreciate all of the comments, it is good to know what other people think.  Here are a couple of details of this painting.  I am a compulsive peerer at the detail in paintings, I like to work out the process of painting...
This is a row of cottages across the river at Durgan, they are often spotlighted by the sun and shine out as a little block of white.  The buoys also pepper the meeting of the land and the water, that is what those little dots are.

The Scots Pines are a "trademark" of this area, I love the way they stand above the other trees, and the small white blob is a lovely house at Golden Gear, another place that I would dearly love to live in!


Katherine Thomas said...

This was a good post and lots of amazing art work. I want to go back to your sentiment "I don't paint well when I'm unhappy..."
Do you find that your mood dictates your painting? Or do you try to keep your personal mood separate from the mood you're creating in the painting? I've often wondered how other people approach that concept.

Sarah Wimperis said...

Hi Katherine, thank you! I do try to keep my mood seperate but I think ones mood usually infulences how you see something anyway. Mainly when I am worried about something I dont concentrait very well and I have come to realise that for me intense concentration is very important.