Friday, February 04, 2011

A Grey Day

About 1.30pm, grey sky, grey sea, very windy and low tide.  I have had a day of dashing about, fitted this in at lunchtime and only just got home now to take its picture, hence the bad lighting.  It is dark now and my "daylight" bulb from above does pick up the shiny lumpy bits.  Anyway, here it is!


joellestherbenyayer said...

Gee is wonderful god ever see such colors i got some friends artists in amrica nederland and saint tropez they will love it you can call me one time again wooooooah spectacular really i mean it joelle esther benyayer oh im also an arist in french sacem songwriter composer singer inspiration inspiration with musics gee wonderful

Katherine Thomas said...

You painted that at lunch time!? I'm in awe of people who can complete a painting so quickly and have it come out so beautifully.