Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Reflections In The Creek

50 x 69 cm or 20 x 27 inches
I have been working on this one for a while.  The colours in the river water were so deep and complex that I had to do many many layers of watercolour to get the feeling.  The tide comes in and the seaweed forests make dark shapes below the green water.  It is a very green piece I find greens very peaceful and I hope this painting holds the tranquility that this part of the river has.  Imagine the rooks calling and the river birds, nothing else. Peace!


Vivien said...

I love the ghostly ship. You're very good at dark colours in watercolour - so difficult to do without the colours getting sludgy. Yours have mystery.

black bear cabin said...

the many layers have definitely added depth to the beautiful! how do you get such rich colors in watercolor?

Rob Carey said...

I love the richness of the colors there in the water- spectacular outcome, worth the many layers!

Helen Read said...

I love the way you've shown the water! Well, the whole painting is great!!