Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm
Well May has been a funny month, not much rain but quite a lot of grey misty days, lots of fantastic clouds, plenty of strong wind, odd really after such a blazing April.  Most of the flowers seem to have bloomed all at the same time, Azaleas and Rhododendrons flowering alongside Roses.  This is a very early morning, first light on the river when the night is still a suggestion in the sky and the boats are reduced to shapes in the half light.
I have had a lot of work on this month and haven't been able to paint as many days on the river as I would have liked.  I have to keep reminding myself that I said at the beginning of this project that I would paint the view as many days as possible. 
June starts tomorrow and I shall be spending half of in in Provence.  I am already boring all my friends by mentioning it far too often but I really am very excited!  I am going to meet up with three blogging friends, all artists, for two weeks of solid painting.  We have a blog, just started, where you can see who we are, what we paint and what happens when Four Go Painting in Provence.  Go and have a look, become a follower and enjoy a virtual holiday, with four such practised bloggers and four very artistic personalities it should be interesting.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Two days

 Sunday May 29th.
Misty, almost foggy evening, a few dedicated sailors doing their thing in their big yachts, as I paint the mist drops more.  We end up going out on the river in our little dingy,  through some beautiful misty creeks in search of an early evening pint, a fine way to spend the evening.

Friday May 27th.
Blue sky and strong shadows.  The kids sailing lessons are going on and I get some help from two little artists-in-waiting, must remember to bring some extra materials next time!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Evening in the Garden

Pure Watercolour
30 x 30 cm
Oh how I totally love painting in watercolour.  I have been thinking about this painting for a while, did the first stages a few days ago, stretched the paper, laid down the pale washes, the sky and the far shore then waited... 
This morning early I dived in with dark paint and runny washes, there are loads of colours lurking in that darkness.  After a couple of hours of flinging paint at it the evening garden appeared.  The chair and the table just hints in the dark, the wine bottle picking up the last of the light and the remains of a supper left as just a suggestion on a plate. 
I am very pleased with it.  Might go back there, to the garden, not the painting, to do some more work, it feels like a good place for some paintings.,

The Quiet Night

Oil on board 20 x 15 cm
For a while the wind dropped and everything was very quiet, there is some crazy little dog somewhere who shouts a bit but apart from him all is quite still.


Oil on board 14 x 14 cm approx SOLD
Another revisited piece, see below for the watercolour version of this.  These are my favorite old pots, nicely weathered and the geraniums are bouncing back after a tough winter, little troopers!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr Newton Goose-Wings Home

Oil on "deckle" board 14 x 14cm approx
Out on the river one evening and spotted my friend in his little sail boat, goose-winging his way up to Gweek.  I like that little lone sail against the trees.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday and Today

 Yesterday, May 24th, early.  Gouache on paper.
It is always a very calming way to start the day, peaceful purple tones in the water, deep greens and limpid reflections.  The sky was the thing with this one.
Today, Gouache on paper again. Another early start.  Each time I set out to paint "my project" I wonder why I don't just make it up, stay at home and guess the look, surely it cant be that different day by day...and every time I plod down there and spend a little time painting and realise how different each day is, the light changes, the wind pushes the water this way and that and I notice little changes each time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Garden Bunting

Oil on well gessoed "deckle" board.  20 x 20 cm SOLD
Another for my little series of garden oils.  A perfect jumble of plants and bright home made bunting all ticked off with dashes of bright sunshine.

Quiet Evening

Watercolour, smallish.
This is yesterday 23rd May, Monday evening.  Very quiet after a very windy day.  No one about.  The wind keeps making lovely patterns on the water, like meshing fingers, beautiful.  As I leave the sun is setting behind the village simplifying everything into shapes so I stay a bit longer and do some quick sketches and get cross because I am very tired but it is difficult to stop!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three Days

Sunday Morning Blowing a Westerly. 22nd May
Oil (plus sand) on board 20 x 15 cm,
The wind is quite strong, clouds rushing along and trees dancing around.  Tucked away on the little beach I don't feel it, lovely lavender colours in the water as the wind ruffles the surface.  I manage to get quite a lot of sand in the paint, by mistake and a very small leaf got stuck too!  Church bells across the fields as I walk home.
Very Early Saturday Morning. 21st May
Oil on board 20 x 15 cm.
I am giving a workshop in Looe today so as it is a two hour drive it means an early start.  Its a bit grey, perhaps it will rain, feeling all fired up to insist that everyone works from life not photographs, hope they don't mind! 
Friday Evening, Kids Sailing Lessons. 20th May.
Oil on board, 20 x 15cm.
I am hiding by some rocks as the place is swarming with kids. It is Friday evening when they have their sailing lessons, great swarms of them in wet suits and little life jackets, all jumping in off the pontoon and having a very noisy time. Sometimes they bob past shouting "are you painting now Sarah?"  It is a brilliant life for them here, I don't expect they realise how lucky they are yet!    Maybe next week I will sit where I can paint them all in the picture.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Oil on board 14 x 14 cm approx  SOLD
A little tiny corner of a garden somewhere in Cornwall.


Watercolour 30 x 30 cm
Wet concrete and a glowering sky.  Bit of a departure for me with trucks and cars not really being my thing but I just liked all the tracks on the concrete.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cows in the Mist

Oil on board 20 x 15 cm (ish)  SOLD
A very early start on a lovely misty day, rare at this time of year but it brought out all the soft colours up on Goonhilly Downs and the dark cows made an interesting shape.
Still doing the pontoon project but posting in a group, every now and then.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Shade House

 Oil on board with "deckle" edges. 15 x 20cm approx
I am doing a series of smallish oil paintings on the garden theme.  This is my friend Sams' shade house.  I did some watercolour sketches of it some time ago, see below.  I love the messy informality of it and the scribble lines made by old runner bean stalks on the wigwam of canes.  An interesting array of greens in the leaves and the shadows.  At the moment I am also considering the surfaces that I paint on, this is MDF board, cut with a knife then torn.  After being well gessoed and sanded back a bit it gives a very nice surface to paint on and an interesting "deckle" type edge.  I have a certain framing style in mind.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Soft Day

Oil on board 15 x 20 cm
Soft rain drifting in misty waves.  Not brilliant for May but everything is very quiet and beautiful, I like it anyway!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mid May Morning

Oil on board 15 x 20 cm approx
Back home after the bustle and excitement of Bristol, five days of talking and selling.  Happy to be home but it was a buzz to be in the city.  I should have taken my paints as I saw so many things, a big moon behind St Mary Redcliffe church at 3am, lovely.
This morning is blustery and the sky was full of scudding grey clouds, lovely to be down by the water, all the trees seem so heavy with leaf now.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bristol Art Fair

Sailing Lesson  30 x 40 cm  Oil

Yellow Buckets  34 x 24 cm  Oil

Sunny Afternoon  30 x 40 cm  Oil SOLD

Friday, May 13, 2011

In Bristol Today

Potters Steps  25 x 20 cm  Oil

Penarvon Afternoon.  15 x 15 cm  Oil

Scotts Pine  16 x 16 cm  Oil

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exhibition Paintings

Boat House 20 x 25 cm Oil

Early Mooring 20 x 14 cm Oil
Plein air oil paintings which will be at the Affordable Art Fair 13th, 14th and 15th of May, stand E11.
More tomorrow.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Sheltering From The Rain

Pure Watercolour
28 x 32 cm or 11 x 12.6 inches
A watercolour, after months of oils.  I am trying my best to do some top notch watercolours.  I loved the rust stains on this little boat.  Not sure who it belongs to, I sneaked into the boat shed and did some drawing and photos while the sky darkened and rain began to fall.  I have been working on this in my studio and listening to a "rain sounds" CD to get the feeling back.  There is something very special about being outside but sheltered during a rain storm.

Then The Stars Began To Shine

Oil on Canvas 25 x 20 cm approx
A cloudy night catching the light and playing it back with orange glow.  Occasionally it cleared and then the stars began to shine.  I have exaggerated the colours somewhat but that happens in the dark!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday Morning Calm

 Oil on Canvas 15 x 20 cm approx
I am trying out some canvas sheets, going to stretch them when dry onto board, it could be a good idea for when I go to Provence.  Katherine is kindly driving my oil paints there, she is going to be there too not just making the trip to bring me my paints!  I thought that canvas like this would cut down on the weight as I am flying and need to think about things like luggage allowance.  Anyway, so far so good.  This morning was beautiful, calm after the storm, we had rain and thunder and lightening last night, everything looks clean and washed.

08.05.11 Oil on Canvas
Yesterday was a blur of framing and sorting so I didn't post what I had done, here it is a day late.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Storm Coming

Oil, 20 x 15 cm
There, I did get a painting in, just in time, the sky is getting very dark and there is a storm brewing, rain began to fall as I painted this, we should have thunder tonight.

Morning Light a Day Late!

Watercolour and pastel 20 x 25 cm
This is yesterdays, I had trouble with blogger, sorted now.  There will be a gap as I am going up to the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol next week with Beside The Wave gallery.  We will be on stand E11, so if you are there come and say hello.  I shall schedule some posts of some of the new paintings that I will be exhibiting in Bristol.
So, back to the river, it has been grey and rainy, this is an early morning between showers, with the sunlight battling through grey clouds.  There should be another painting today, if I get through my Bristol preparations.

Monday, May 02, 2011

A Bit Lumpy

Oil on board 15 x 20 cm
What a change in the weather, grey and blustery, the sea all lumpy.  This is reasonably early this morning, about 7.30 am.  Now I am home it has begun to rain.  The woods are fit to burst with wild flowers, like a mad wild florists shop.