Friday, May 27, 2011

Evening in the Garden

Pure Watercolour
30 x 30 cm
Oh how I totally love painting in watercolour.  I have been thinking about this painting for a while, did the first stages a few days ago, stretched the paper, laid down the pale washes, the sky and the far shore then waited... 
This morning early I dived in with dark paint and runny washes, there are loads of colours lurking in that darkness.  After a couple of hours of flinging paint at it the evening garden appeared.  The chair and the table just hints in the dark, the wine bottle picking up the last of the light and the remains of a supper left as just a suggestion on a plate. 
I am very pleased with it.  Might go back there, to the garden, not the painting, to do some more work, it feels like a good place for some paintings.,


Suzanne McDermott said...

Super! Of course you love watercolor. You're a master. After smiling at your rich twilight darks, I fell in love with the pink bowl and fruit and bottles and then how they unify with the final whispers of the setting sun. I'm so happy to see these new watercolors.

Katherine Tyrrell said...


It would also look good in oils!

black bear cabin said...