Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Shade House

 Oil on board with "deckle" edges. 15 x 20cm approx
I am doing a series of smallish oil paintings on the garden theme.  This is my friend Sams' shade house.  I did some watercolour sketches of it some time ago, see below.  I love the messy informality of it and the scribble lines made by old runner bean stalks on the wigwam of canes.  An interesting array of greens in the leaves and the shadows.  At the moment I am also considering the surfaces that I paint on, this is MDF board, cut with a knife then torn.  After being well gessoed and sanded back a bit it gives a very nice surface to paint on and an interesting "deckle" type edge.  I have a certain framing style in mind.

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