Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday and Today

 Yesterday, May 24th, early.  Gouache on paper.
It is always a very calming way to start the day, peaceful purple tones in the water, deep greens and limpid reflections.  The sky was the thing with this one.
Today, Gouache on paper again. Another early start.  Each time I set out to paint "my project" I wonder why I don't just make it up, stay at home and guess the look, surely it cant be that different day by day...and every time I plod down there and spend a little time painting and realise how different each day is, the light changes, the wind pushes the water this way and that and I notice little changes each time.


Werner said...

Right. Quite exact. That's what plein air painting is all about. Thanks for this point.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Love the sky in the top one

Whose gouache are you using? W&N?