Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back Home

Crillon Le Brave Steps Watercolour

Terrace Pots. Gouache, small.

The road Home, Gouache, small.

The Well, Gouache, small.

Vines in Midday Sun.  Gouache, small.
I am home, if you have bothered to scroll down to this bit we can talk!  Provence was brilliant, I did 57 paintings in oil, watercolour and gouache.  My ability to post was limited by a very exciting lightening strike beside my bed.  I kept good company with scorpions and fell in love with a mountain.  There will be more paintings tomorrow, right now, my friends, I am enjoying a very fine glass of red wine and an even finer meal, steak and salad ( an extraordinary salad) made by my dearest Big Dave who I have missed so much!  More paintings tomorrow.
All of the paintings posted are done "en plein air", many will be available for purchase through the gallery Beside The Wave in August, more info later.


René PleinAir. said...

Welcome home!!

The road home does make me think of that painting form Trevor.

You girls enjoyed yourself allot, and I have surely did with the postings you made. It was great to see BIG Dave turning into a little boy missing his girl, hehehe

Take it easy Sarah, such a journey is hard work, even if you enjoyed it so much.

vivien said...

welcome back :>)

these are absolutely gorgeous and I really look forward to seeing more.