Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Morning In Provence

Mont Ventoux early about 6am

The first painting site of the day.

Ochre Cliff, oil

Ochre Cliff, watercolour

From the Terrace, morning. Oil

House in Hot Sun, watercolour
So now it is lunchtime and it is hot, it is very lovely here but as I cant make the spell checker work I am not going to "wax lyrical" much.  I shall paint and post up what I do.  It is difficult to stop right now, everywhere I look I see a painting. Look what was in my bedroom this morning...


Steve said...

Powerful stuff. Like your work!

big Dave said...

Wo look at you... fab work..I like the new painting thing very posh..
I know you... no growing a beard and cutting your ear off..more watercolours please

annie said...

Gorgeous collection, Sarah.I especially love the House in Hot Sun, full of atmosphere.

ruth said...

lovely sarah!! thank you for these images of home. you are really capturing the vibe!