Friday, June 10, 2011


June has turned into a very busy month.  On Wednesday I collected this from the framers.  I am so very happy with the result, it looks beautiful.  It is January 7th from the "Plein Air River Project".  I photographed it in the back of my van before delivering it to the Falmouth Art Gallery where it is to be part of their British Impressionists exhibition this summer.  If you are in Falmouth this summer go and see it.
I am very pleased to be included in this show alongside some fabulous artists.  Unfortunately I wont be able to go to the private view as I shall be doing my own impression of an impressionist and painting in Provence! 
I leave on Tuesday and having had a house full of visitors have left packing and planning until now.  I am flying out on Wednesday and having not travelled from an airport for a good long time I was a little worried about the luggage allowance so...  I got myself one of those handy luggage scales, threw all my art materials and some clothes into my bag and hoisted it up on the scales.  I was horrified to see that it weighed in at 25kg, I am allowed 20kg.  I spent ages taking things out, finding a lighter bag, deciding not to take gouache, ripping backs off sketchbooks, putting all of my clothes on at once until, peering closely at the numbers I realised that I had been reading pounds not kilogrammes!  I need that holiday!
As a consequence of all of this activity you may have noticed that the plein air river paintings have been absent, I am hoping to do one today, Saturday, Sunday and possibly Monday but after that I shall not be here for the rest of June. 
The project will resume, with a vengeance in July but I am hoping to post the products of my Provencal painting as I go.  Au revoir and a bientot!


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Bravo, Sarah! And, have a great paint out in Provence!

Robyn Sinclair said...

The painting looks extremely beautiful Sarah.
As for packing, I'm glad I'm not the only one cracking up. I had to get assistance to put fuel in the car yesterday. I was very disappointed to think you might be leaving your gouache behind!