Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Sky Above and Painting with Ghosts

 Oil on board, 15 x 20 cm  At last!  Back after a whole week away, oh it feels good to be sitting painting "my" view again.  It is the evening, the sky above was so big, clouds massing after a glorious day, maybe rain tomorrow?
Anyway after my mammoth packing day I sorted out my studio and when all was spick and span I decided to restore my great great grandfathers prochade box... and start to use it.
 I cut a piece of MDF to serve as a pallet and a couple of boards to go in the slots so that I can paint many sizes.  There is a beautiful brass thing that holds everything up.
 This is the makers mark, its old this box, he was painting in the 1850s
 My paints sit where his did now and so, as I wander around painting my world,  I hope he is there with me, painting alongside his great great granddaughter!

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Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

That's lovely Sarah - I'm really looking forward to seeing it

I've got a Roberson pastel sketchbook at home - it's incredibly well made