Saturday, July 09, 2011

Friday Sailing Lessons

Oil on board 20 x 15 cm approx.
 Friday night is sailing lessons for the local kids, they all dash about in little toppers and tiny tubs, the little ones, to young for the sailing mess about on the beach or fling themselves into the river.  Its a great evening with lots of noise and bright sails everywhere.
Blue Garden Chair.  Gouache.  8 x 12 cm approx.
A tiny gouache of a magical garden behind an art shop in Provence, everywhere you looked there was a picture asking to be painted.
I have been hanging exhibitions and writing reviews over at Beside The Wave Gallery, go and have a read and a little look at what is on offer and... they now have a virtual gallery with own art, check it out HERE you can buy my work in 10 easy monthly installments, which is exciting!

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RichiesART said...

I've just gone through all your wonderful work, finding it totally absorbing as well as inspiring. I particularly like the mountainous scenes. My blog feels crapped and unprofessional compared to yours. How do I improve the layout?.