Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Getting Back

Monday.  Gouache.  12 cm x 9 cm

Tuesday.  Gouache.  13cm x 8cm
These little gouaches are small,  I feel like going small for a while.  It has taken me ages to get sorted out after my trip.  I got a horrible migraine one evening and now a seasonal attack of asthma, (I don't like to call it hay fever but that is probably what it is), so am wheezing and spluttering all over the place.  There wont be much in the next few days as I sort and tidy and do some admin.  These little paintings are done every day but might end up being posted in blocks of 5 or 6 at a time.


Casey Klahn said...

Very fun to look at, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing better...awful stuff...not the paintings...the asthma!
Love these little paintings. I'm also moving on to smaller...don't know why...more economic, definitely challenging for me!
good luck on the exhibit preps.