Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Woods

Oil on board 15 x 20 cm approx.
Monday morning, no one about so I am back on the end of the pontoon, where the very first paintings in this series were done, its a good spot, I must brazen it out more at busier times of the day.

News flash, for all who are artists and creative types there is to be a Cornwall Big Paint In  on August 13th, a celebration of creativity and a protest against petty mindedness.  An artist friend of mine Paul Wadsworth was recently hassled by someone demanding to know if he has permission to paint on the beach!!  Thus the big paint in was born.  Join up on facebook and come along if you can, should be good.


vivien said...

permission???????? what kind of lunatic????

sounds a brilliant event

this one is lovely - so full of the heavy foliage and deep dark shadows of summer

Bianchii said...

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