Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have just got home from a very exciting and successful week exhibiting with Beside The Wave Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair.
It was hard work but very enjoyable, a fantastic buzz to the whole event and I got to meet several people who had only been blogging names to me before which is always lovely. 
I sold a lot of work, both mine and the other artists that the gallery represents, got some commissions and was approached by another gallery about an exhibition.
So I returned home on a bit of a high to find a message about the Artist of the Year Award which is being run by Artist and Illustrators magazine. Now I am impossibly excited! I have been shortlisted! There is a voting page with all of the images, I am in the landscape section. Looking through them I think the standard is high so I will be extremely proud to win but I am very proud to have been shortlisted.
The image above is the painting, the River Helford (of course) and here is where you can vote . Check out the others as well, they are all interesting paintings.
I had actually forgotten that I had entered, I have to frame the painting now, in super quick time and get it delivered up to London, right by where I was staying a couple of days ago! I am just relieved that I hadn't exhibited it of sold it!!
Now I am painting non stop as we go up to Edinburgh Art Fair in just about three weeks time.  Its like buses, you wait ages and then suddenly everything happens at once.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Soft Light

Pure Watercolour 100 cm x 90 cm or 39.5 x 35 inches
This is the home of a lovely friend of mine, the same one whose hall I painted the other day, it is filled with sumptuous fabrics and beautiful crystal and shiny silver and hung about with witch balls.  In other words a joy to paint.  I found another home yesterday that would also make great subject matter, the unsuspecting owners don't know it yet but I have plans on their house!
I am posting this up now for several reasons, firstly, I think it is finished.  I have been working on it over the past couple of weeks and I find that putting things up on my blog helps me to see if there are any bits I want to change or carry on with.  Its a bit like viewing your painting in a mirror, it helps to see it clearly. 
The next reason is that in the next couple of days I am off to London with Beside The Wave to do the Affordable Art Fair.  It means a week of hard work, loads of talking and meeting lots of people and hopefully selling lots of paintings.  If you are in London and would like tickets then click the gallery link and they will help you.  I will be there, in my posh clothes, come and say hello, we are stand H5.  So I would like to leave a big bold watercolour image up on my blog while I am away.
I also like converting the centimeters into inches, I really have lost my concept of size in inches.  Doing the conversion gives me some idea of the size of some of Andrew Wyeth's watercolours, he is one of my artistic hero's and I have never seen his work in the flesh, just in books.  This work here is big, and some of his are big, it is a difficult medium to take large and he is a master.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Apple

Miniature.  Oil on board 7.5cm x 11.5cm or 3 x 4.5 inches
A little bit of tiny work. I have a little still life stage set up in my studio, made from an old wooden wine box and some bigger cardboard boxes with a light hatch. It is perfect for painting tiny miniatures which is perfect work for rainy misty weather.  So that's all good then!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

All About Watercolour

This painting, along with 20 more of mine and others by John Raynes, Amanda Hoskin, Richard Thorn and Richard Tuff will be in the "Celebration of Watercolour" exhibition which I will be helping to hang tonight at Beside the Wave gallery in Falmouth. 
It is a sparkling and splendid collection of some very stunning watercolours, I am excited and proud to be taking part.  It is on for two weeks at the gallery and, if you are at all interested in the exciting medium of watercolour, want to see it being used in an exciting and dynamic way,  try to pay the gallery a visit.
Another of mine, one that I like very much, that will be in the show.
Earlier in the week I held a workshop day with the Constantine Art Society.  It was loosely based around watercolours, my workshops are quite diverse.  It is a lovely group of people and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and produced some lovely work.
Lots of different styles and approaches to making art.  Its such a good thing to do, getting together and working.  They meet once a week and, judging by the lively banter, have a jolly good time.
One member of the group turned up with quite a surprise, a painting by my great great grandfather E.M.Wimperis,
Wonderful to be able to really study how he painted it, it was one that I had never seen before.
Finally after all this watercolour washing about in my mind I sent off for a test sheet of Daniel Smith watercolours, you can get a sheet of little blobs of actual paint, what a fantastic idea, so that you can actually try them.  I suspect that I may be spending some money soon, they are lovely.  I haven't had a real play yet but so far I am quite impressed.

I got them from Pegasus Art online shop, and can thoroughly recommend that web site, very efficient service, ordered things on Tuesday evening, late at night really and they arrived today, Thursday morning.  Brilliant!

Monday, October 03, 2011

The White Wash

Oil on board 40 x 50 cm SOLD
Its Monday and its a good sunny day, its wash day!  Just finished this painting of washing hanging about in a sunny back yard.  I am very fond of a line of clean clothes drying in the sun.  Years ago I had a house with an orchard and the washing line was strung between two old apple trees.  It was almost a treat to go and peg out the clothes, especially in the spring with the scent of apple blossom or the autumn with the perfume of ripe apples.  It has to be a washing line though, not the spinny round ones, good old fashioned lines are the ones for me.

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Don't get too excited, there are no moving bits or funny noises, what this contains is some of my sketches and some info about forthcoming exhibitions.  I am on a very steep learning curve, teaching myself how to build apps, this one is for trial purposes really.  I am planning on making apps that will add to the appreciation of someones work.  For example,  if you like their paintings then the app will give you a chance to browse their sketchbooks and perhaps a link to a bit of video of them talking about their work.  That's the plan anyway, and this is the test piece .  Right now this is an app for an android phone, I am working on an ipad app but that takes more time and money, I will get there.  In the meantime, if you have an android phone and fancy a look at the first app then click the link and download it...its all free.   Let me know what you think.