Thursday, October 06, 2011

All About Watercolour

This painting, along with 20 more of mine and others by John Raynes, Amanda Hoskin, Richard Thorn and Richard Tuff will be in the "Celebration of Watercolour" exhibition which I will be helping to hang tonight at Beside the Wave gallery in Falmouth. 
It is a sparkling and splendid collection of some very stunning watercolours, I am excited and proud to be taking part.  It is on for two weeks at the gallery and, if you are at all interested in the exciting medium of watercolour, want to see it being used in an exciting and dynamic way,  try to pay the gallery a visit.
Another of mine, one that I like very much, that will be in the show.
Earlier in the week I held a workshop day with the Constantine Art Society.  It was loosely based around watercolours, my workshops are quite diverse.  It is a lovely group of people and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and produced some lovely work.
Lots of different styles and approaches to making art.  Its such a good thing to do, getting together and working.  They meet once a week and, judging by the lively banter, have a jolly good time.
One member of the group turned up with quite a surprise, a painting by my great great grandfather E.M.Wimperis,
Wonderful to be able to really study how he painted it, it was one that I had never seen before.
Finally after all this watercolour washing about in my mind I sent off for a test sheet of Daniel Smith watercolours, you can get a sheet of little blobs of actual paint, what a fantastic idea, so that you can actually try them.  I suspect that I may be spending some money soon, they are lovely.  I haven't had a real play yet but so far I am quite impressed.

I got them from Pegasus Art online shop, and can thoroughly recommend that web site, very efficient service, ordered things on Tuesday evening, late at night really and they arrived today, Thursday morning.  Brilliant!


black bear cabin said...

looks to be a fabulous show...wish i could make it! i hope you enjoy your color sheets from daniel smith...i have some and they are a great way to familiarize yourself with the product before purchasing! good luck with the show! i know you will do well :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I haven't visited your blog for a while, but was so glad I did today. Good luck with the show ……looks like a great group of artists. The thing that struck me the most was the person who showed up with your grandfather’s panting…..

dougal j said...

Fun to read your comments about the Constantine Art Group workshop, which I attended. We all really enjoyed the day and I'm sure each of us learned something new. I've ordered a Moleskine watercolour notebook and sketchbook - and threesable brushes! Hope to get to your show tomorrow. Dougal J.

Musik Mosiah said...

Great art work. I have not done a any art piece in years. I remember doing my first art work for a competition. I did an old house that was built about 200 years now. I did not get the final results.
You guys are pushing me to start doing art pieces again.

Rachel Rose said...

Hey Sarah, went to see your last show at Beside the Wave which was fab, will try and check this one out too! lots of love x x

lois said...

The painting of the house is terrific with the soft suggestion of light in the distance. I want to keep looking at it. Probably it reminds me of a real scene in the past.

Leon Lowe said...

Sarah, I own a small watercolor by E. M. Wimperis! It was interesting to learn that you're a descendant of that outstanding artist! It must be in the genes!