Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Soft Light

Pure Watercolour 100 cm x 90 cm or 39.5 x 35 inches
This is the home of a lovely friend of mine, the same one whose hall I painted the other day, it is filled with sumptuous fabrics and beautiful crystal and shiny silver and hung about with witch balls.  In other words a joy to paint.  I found another home yesterday that would also make great subject matter, the unsuspecting owners don't know it yet but I have plans on their house!
I am posting this up now for several reasons, firstly, I think it is finished.  I have been working on it over the past couple of weeks and I find that putting things up on my blog helps me to see if there are any bits I want to change or carry on with.  Its a bit like viewing your painting in a mirror, it helps to see it clearly. 
The next reason is that in the next couple of days I am off to London with Beside The Wave to do the Affordable Art Fair.  It means a week of hard work, loads of talking and meeting lots of people and hopefully selling lots of paintings.  If you are in London and would like tickets then click the gallery link and they will help you.  I will be there, in my posh clothes, come and say hello, we are stand H5.  So I would like to leave a big bold watercolour image up on my blog while I am away.
I also like converting the centimeters into inches, I really have lost my concept of size in inches.  Doing the conversion gives me some idea of the size of some of Andrew Wyeth's watercolours, he is one of my artistic hero's and I have never seen his work in the flesh, just in books.  This work here is big, and some of his are big, it is a difficult medium to take large and he is a master.


Sue Pownall said...

This is a beautiful painting. I love the richness you have captured so well and the contrasts in light.

Good luck with the art fair.

Leslie Sealey said...

That is stunning! You should be really proud of it, great job.

Andy Wood said...

What a beautiful painting, rich and sumptuous like a Bonnard but in watercolour!

Anonymous said...

I truly am in awe,, this is incredible,, I am following you from another artists site,, I think I'm your newest follower,

Michael Lange Ocala said...

you capture the bright light infiltrating the dark room brilliantly. nice work.