Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Edinburgh Art Fair

Soft Velvet Light SOLD
Oil on Canvas 120cm x 150 cm or 47 inches x 59 inches

I have been hibernating, painting all hours like a fiend.  We are going up to the other end of the country for Edinburgh Art Fair and, as everything went so well in London, I wanted to take some new work.  This is the biggest.  Another painting of my dear friends room.  I enjoy working in a different media with the same subject and it certainly focuses the decisions that you have to make throughout a painting.  I love the result, its a sumptuous room and the oils bring a real richness to the colours.  I have a series of interiors planned, and some fine houses on my radar.  I have also got a painting trip to my Mother's allotment as well as my Aunt's garden, both lovely places (hopefully they haven't tided them before I get there!) December will be a busy month.
My river project has lost out though, I haven't painted the view since September but I plan to fill in all the days that I have missed on the same days next year... well that's the plan, it has to be flexible, life is changing at such a pace right now.
So I am off to catch a plane in a moment, its whisky, porridge and haggis for me!
I will post up some of the other new paintings during the week and then in December I will post up some of the new paintings that I have done for the gallery Christmas show.


vivien said...


have fun, I love Edinburgh, but would have to pass on the haggis and not sure about the whisky either!

Oli said...

Great painting, I like it.

Ana said...
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Ana said...
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Paula said...

Oh wow! There is so much in this and a lovely warmth about it too! I love it! :)