Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fairs, Prints and Christmas.

Porch Full of Sun
Limited Edition Print
Beside The Wave Gallery
Edinburgh was brilliant, I almost sold out of my work which in itself is a very exciting experience. Meeting and talking to the people who are going to make what you have created a part of their lives is really special. Watching people fall in love with paintings is amazing, there is almost a physical reaction, a tangible buzz of excitement in the air.
We are back from that stunning city now and I have a couple of months of concentrated painting ahead. This morning I am heading north again to visit the gardens and allotments belonging to my Aunt and my Mother, I am keeping my fingers crossed that they haven't done some tidying up, I want the muddle of autumnal gardens!
Blue Remembered Hills
Limited Edition Print
Beside The Wave Gallery
The gallery is holding their annual limited edition print show where they take their favourite paintings throughout the year and have editions of only 50 printed beautifully. I was very happy to be included and these two of mine are now available as prints.
They are experts at packing and sending and I think that you can even buy them (the prints, not the Gallery staff!) with "own art" which is an intrest free loan spread over 10 months which makes then super affordable!  Ring the gallery if you feel the need to have own of these.  Have a look on the web site and go Christmas shopping!
The Christmas paintings show opens on December 1st and my catalogue paintings have already sold out, there will be more in the show and on line from the first.


Alyson said...

Congrats on the success of your shows and good luck with the limited edition prints - they are lovely!

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Vivien said...

Very glad to hear you've had success - you deserve it!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Well done - glad to hear it. Both prints look great.