Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kitchen Sink Drama


My own kitchen sink drama, leaving for London in the morning, very much looking forward to the art fair, not looking forward to leaving big Dave on his 50th birthday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Window of Her Maiden Name

The Window of Her Maiden Name
38 x 38 cm
Painting this was quite emotional, its not my child's room but as the last of my five left home six years ago I knew the feelings that this room held so well, and they came flooding back. 
This is the room of a daughter, tidy and almost empty, she has gone off to university, flown the nest.  Eagerly embracing her new life away from her childhood home, leaving behind her a wake of bitter sweet sorrow.  The deep longing ache that every parent feels, standing in their child's room, watching from the window of her maiden name, wishing them all the best that the world can give but crying inside for the loss of that part of your own life that will never return.
Another paintings for the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair at the Science Museaum 2nd to 5th February.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

His Old Chair

His Old Chair
30.5 cm x 41.5 cm
This old chair, battered, worn and comfortable it has born witness to a life.  Brought by a mother for her son for his first study room at school it has been with him ever since.  The boy grew into a man, life threw at him what it throws at most of us, he became a father and life moves on.  The chair sits, like a quiet guardian of a private history.  A lovely thing.  A possession like this is always a lovely thing and I really enjoy painting such a treasure.
This will be at the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Going to the Fair

I get as excited about going to Art Fairs as I used to when I was a kid and the fair came to town.  They are hard work but brilliant fun, meeting lots of people, selling work by our artists (including mine) and exchanging my very muddy, paint splattered, every day clothes for something a little more refined.
This fair Watercolours & Works on Paper looks to be very interesting, just take a look at who is being exhibited there.
Si if you are in London around the vicinity of the Science Museum please come and say hello, stand B30 and now you are reading this and thinking about it go and "like" their page on facebook, its the friendly thing to do and they have just posted up one of my paintings!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am really pleased with the frame that I had made for the memorial portrait of the good dog Shiver.  It feels very traditional and fitting, it goes well with the fact that he was a much loved hound and his picture is painted on 10,000 year old mammoth ivory.  Behind the painting is a small area of gold leaf which gives a certain warm glow to the painting as the light reflects through the tiny brushstrokes.  All in all it makes a very special thing which I know will be treasured for many years.

Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year Shenanigans

January 5th 2012
oil on canvas
40cm x 60cm
Last year I began my plein air river project on January 5th and soon after I started it I was commissioned to paint a plein air painting on January 5th 2012 as a 50th birthday present. 
It was to be of this view, which is the mouth of the Helford river and it was to be painted whatever the weather.
The river project ground to a halt in September, due to the need to paint for exhibitions, which is a good thing indeed  (I plan to fill in the missing days on the river over the next few years so that eventually I will end up with a whole years worth of paintings.) 
Anyway back to the story of the commission... yesterday dawned with very strong winds, a far greater problem for the plein air painter than rain or snow or hot sun.  I hatched a very cunning plan...I drove my van to the specified place, set up my easel inside and with the side door open painted from there.  It worked brilliantly, shelter from the wind and a great view...
so I got the painting completed in relative comfort...
until I tried to leave when my trusty van became well and truly stuck in the mud
much splattering later
I phoned a friend, in the form of Big Dave and my lovely son Joe who came to the rescue with Dangerous Dom's land rover.
so I got home, very muddy, the van is a mess and I am wondering if a land rover would make a better mobile studio.
The painting was delivered wet, as per instructions and was very well received.
and here is is a little study that I did a few days before to try out the view!
The new year has started well, I have lots of paintings all being framed and ready for exhibitions and I shall post them on here over the next few weeks. I hope you had a very happy new year and I wish you a fantastic 2012.