Thursday, February 09, 2012

New Exhibitions, or Wafting About With Giants

Charcoal and chalk on brown paper
I am back from London, it was a fantastic fair, we met some really interesting people and sold some brilliant paintings and drawings.  Now I am home, back in my paint covered clothes and working hard on a whole bunch of new paintings, destined for two exhibitions.   I shall not show any new works here for a while.  I will, however, post this up, it is a large charcoal drawing, part of a series of drawings, probably of interiors but I have an inkling that a few portraits might be hatching.
There is a new exhibition at the gallery which I am helping to hang tomorrow.  It is a mixed show called "Effortless Brushstrokes"  The catalogue is on line already, you can see it here, and there will be more available on Friday.  It is in collaboration with Falmouth Art Gallery.  Fourteen of our artists, including myself, are being hung alongside the likes of J.S.Sargent.  Lamorna Birch, Dame Laura Knight, Sir Alfred Munnings and Kurt Jackson.  What company to keep, I am very honoured.  After Friday I shall post up my "exhibits".

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Katherine Thomas said...

I am looking forward to seeing your piece on the wall of the exhibit! That's so exciting! This piece today is very stunning! I love the combination of mediums, it's creates such an impact and pulls me in. Beautiful!