Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A Soft Light
85 x 70 cm
Pure Watercolour
Framed in Gold with a wide mount.
This painting has now found a new home. I am always happy to see them go.  I so enjoy it when people fall in love with a painting, (especially when it is one of mine) 
It was framed to compliment the painting.  The more that I work in the gallery, selling paintings by lots of different people, the more that I come to realise that when the framing has been considered well by the artist it helps to sell the art.  People recognise good framing, so it is worth the cost and the risk, because it can be quite an outlay to get an exhibitions worth of pictures framed.  It becomes a business expense.  I am expecting delivery of my next lot of frames, chosen especially for a set of paintings destined for a great exhibition location, more will be revealed later.  They will be treated, black waxed and gold leaf this time, I am quite excited about seeing the finished result.


black bear cabin said...

what an absolutely dreamy piece!!! i love this one...not surprised it sold, its gorgeous! congrats on another sell :)

Katherine Thomas said...

All your paintings are gorgeous! I especially love the warmth of this one. Great job!