Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Gardens

Potting Shed
210mm x 165mm, oil on board


As anyone who ever reads this blog knows, I have a thing about painting gardens, and sheds.  This is my friends shed, she is a gifted gardener and she has the best kind of shed.  Piles of really useful things, bits of chicken wire, stacks of pots, a feast for painting.  This is in the summer show at Beside The Wave with lots of other wonderful summery paintings.  Four of our artists had big articles in Artist & Illustrator magazine this month, well worth a read and better still, the gallery is well worth a visit.

Mud Pies
425mm x 590mm, oil on board


This is another garden, or allotment, painting which is in the collection. Also, what do you think of the scale figure.  I find trying to visualise the size of things from numbers quite difficult and I was trying to think of an easy way to show how big a painting is, especially on the Internet.  So I made myself a little scale figure, average height person, with the picture beside, all to scale, plus a line for how big the frame is.  Useful or not, opinions gratefully received!


Letters to a sailor said...

Wow, that is one damn beautiful painting! You are awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

The paintings are great. I like the colours and the detail. I hope they will find new owners soon.

As for the figure icon - it's a very good way to indicate the size of your paintings. Very clever!