Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hope in the Cold

Life is hard.
Sometimes it’s too much to bear.
Sometimes you’re the one left to pick up the pieces. On your own.
Whilst we’ve all been out enjoying the snow – building snowmen and throwing snowballs, Gretel Parker, a dear friend of many, both online and in real life, has suffered a loss most of us don’t even want to think about. Her partner of 21 years – Andy Macauley – her sweetheart, companion and very best friend, passed away unexpectedly, alone in the snow.
Andy died without a will and the months between now and when the lawyers decide what is left to whom, if anything, are going to be a daunting and financially difficult time for Gretel – there is a funeral to arrange, not to mention bills to pay, and everyday life to manage – and without Andy’s wage coming in, Gretel’s financial situation is nothing short of precarious.
Gretel blogs about life in beautiful rural Shropshire and makes the most beautiful things, Eliza loves her signed copy of The Mermaids Castle, but the wage of an artist and blogger is not enough to pay a mortgage.
Andy was the only family she had, she has no living parents and no siblings, the usual ring of support is missing.
And so it comes down to us, her friends, to help her through.
The Gretel Parker Project has been set up by Gretel’s friends to try and find some hope and support for her in the cold, dark place she has found herself in since Andy’s death. If you can spare anything at all to help her, even if it’s just a pound or two, it would mean the world – the last thing she needs after losing the person she loved more than anything else is to be unable to pay the electric bill or buy food.
If you can’t make a donation then please, please, spread the word about the project – be it on Twitter, Facebook or word of mouth. Re-post my blog post or the project page itself, right now we are Gretel’s family and support circle and every tiny thing we do can help.
We are the hope where all hope is lost, the fire in the snowstorm.
Please help, if you can.
(re blogged from CaroleHolland)


Lorna said...

Gretel is a friend from when she used to live in my village. I have shared your link on my Face Book Page.

René PleinAir said...

Every friend of you is a friend of mine, ... shared and donated!

Sarah Wimperis said...

thanks Lorna and Rene xx

Soozcat said...

Thank you for sharing, Sarah. Gretel's friends are simply amazing.