Monday, February 18, 2013

Great Gallery

Yellow Hall
600mm x 400mm oil on board
A few more from the exhibition, its all hung now and the evening viewing went very well, lots of red dots which is brilliant.  It makes such a difference seeing everything displayed beautifully, I think sometimes artists don't realise what a good gallery can do for you.  Anyway, I appreciate it and I know that they earn every penny of their commission!

The Uncertain Sunlight
610mm x 550mm, oil on board
A Tangled Thread
200mm x 150mm, oil on board
610mm x 400mm, oil on board
Some of the studies for the paintings are mounted and for sale as well:
Study for Doorways II
190mm x 130mm, graphite on paper

Study for Doorways
190mm x 130mm,graphite and watercolour on paper


Sue Pownall said...


Lois said...

Your paintings express the feeling or ambience of a room with sunlight filtering through the window, etc. They give me a pleasant feeling. They are charming and well done.

Jane Reeves said...

Beautiful work. You are very accomplished!

Jane Reeves said...

Beautiful work. You are very accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely paintings, I'd put a BIG red dot next to the Yellow Hall :) K.
P.S. Congratulations!