Monday, April 15, 2013


February Afternoon in Chelsea
60 x 80 cm
oil on board
 Sometimes paintings paint themselves, sometimes they struggle to be born and gasp for air before stuttering into life, often with commissions the latter is the case because you are trying to please a client, trying to uncover their vision.  With this commission however it was the former, right from the start.  A lovely trip to London, risky because I only had one day and it was in February and I very much wanted the light.  I had worked out that the afternoon would be the beat time for the room.  The day dawned misty and grey, not hopeful but I could work with imagination perhaps.  I didn't need to as just as I sat down to begin working in my sketchbook the sun beamed into the room filling it with a warm and beautiful light.
A month later, finished and framed it was delivered to the clients new home, a lovely reminder of their old family home in London.  They were very happy and so was I.

Monday, April 01, 2013

A Long Time Ago

Nily expecting Sarai

This morning I was looking for something and found an old folder of sketches.  Nearly 30 years ago I was living in Israel, painting all the time, here are two, very old sketches.  I think they are rather good!
Israel, Night and Backgammon.