Monday, July 08, 2013

Cornish Light.

These are the paintings that I have in the mixed exhibition which runs all summer long at the gallery. 

Another Door Opens
610mm x 420mm, oil on board

Blue Sky Thinking
400mm x 300mm, oil on board

Cornish Garden Shed
420mm x 610mm, oil on board

In the Garden
680mm x 570mm, oil on board

Late Afternoon in a Cornish Kitchen
300mm x 400mm, oil on board

Roses by the Back Door
800mm x 610mm, oil on board

Roses in the Raspberries
230mm x 280mm, oil on board

Wind Chimes in the Secret Garden
610mm x 415mm, oil on board

Washing Drying in Cornish Sunlight
520mm x 440mm, oil on board
An exhibition of historic and contemporary works, exploring artists’ fascination with Cornwall’s ‘quality of light’. Held in conjunction with Falmouth Art Gallery the exhibition spans 120 years with works exhibited at both venues.
Curated by Ingrid Heseltine, Director of Beside The Wave Gallery and Louise Connell, Director of Falmouth Art Gallery, works have been selected to represent the significance of ‘Cornish Light’.
Paintings by Henry Scott Tuke, JT Richardson, Ray Atkins, Danny Markey, Frank Jameson, Martina Thomas, Sir John Arnesby Brown, Anne Killigrew, Thomas Cooper Gotch and Ralph Todd have been chosen from the Falmouth Art Gallery permanent collection.
Contemporary paintings from Beside The Wave include works by Paul Lewin, Miles Oxenford, Andrew Tozer, Chris Rigby, Miles Heseltine, Richard Stanley, Amanda Hoskin, Andrew Giddens, Richard Thorn, Sarah Wimperis, Richard Stanley and Benjamin Warner.
So you see, fine company indeed!