Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sunshine over Treath

Another big painting 120 cm x 150 cm, oil on canvas.  "Sunshine over Treath"
Treath is a little tiny collection of houses with a small grassy quay on the Helford.  This is the early afternoon of a hot day, the sort of day when the heat shimmers in the air and the water is glassy, sparkling and limpid. When you look into the sun and then can see everything etched on your closed eyelids like a strange negative. This is the view that I have spent many hours painting in all weathers, looking down the river which flows out to the sea.
This painting and the previous large one are now at the framers, being beautified before they make their way up to London with Beside The Wave to their new space in Primrose Hill.

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Merisi said...

Gorgeous, makes the heart beat faster looking at all the beauty you captured!
Good luck,