Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Kitchen Chair

Oil on linen, 80 cm x 60 cm (or 31.50 inches x 23.62 inches)
Just taken this painting, along with a few others to the framers, I always love the moment when I see them framed, its the final finishing flourish.
This painting is my kitchen chair, its my chair, where I always sit, in my kitchen.  It is surrounded by love!  Photographs of my family throughout their lives, are speckled all over the walls, so that I can see them every day.  My favorite mug and bowl (Mary Rose Young) are on the table along with a little metal jug that is simple but very pleasing. There is usually a large jar of flowers, tulips here but often just a wild bunch.  Plus an open cookery book, I don't do much cooking but I love good food and am lucky enough to have my own live in chef, so I like to request delights for the table! So it has become a kind of self portrait, with out the self!

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