Thursday, May 07, 2015

In The Frame

I love this bit, going to the framers to collect framed and ready to hang paintings. It is the final bit, the presentation, the signing off.  
Next time I see them they will be hanging on the gallery wall, looking all grown up!  In that respect they are a bit like your children, this is the moment when you see them in their first suit, or across a room and you suddenly realize that your little kid is grown and about to be flown.  That is kids but equally, the feeling is the same at this point with paintings, you see them as others might see them, and they look ok!  
They are off up to London with Beside The Wave who are opening a branch in Primrose Hill, 41 Chalcot Road, its very exciting!  Opens on Wednesday 13th May, if you are London based, pop in and say hello.

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