Sunday, July 26, 2015

Read All About It!

 I am starting work on an exciting new project, my first two "how to" drawing and painting books.  So I am busily drawing and painting equipment and kit, bashed up, old, and much used things that I have, as well as pristine new things that I am road testing.
 It is fascinating trying to explain what to do to make a drawing or a painting.  It reminds me of trying to explain how to drive, or perhaps swim... what do you do first, think about it...I suppose putting on your swimming costume would be a good idea!
The next bit that has to happen is drawings and paintings in stages of development, I am finding remembering to stop and make a copy, photograph or scam of each stage very difficult indeed.  I get quite absorbed in whatever it is I am doing and have a tendency to carry on in a bit of another world until its finished.  However what I am seeing...more that anything else is that practice, doing it, making pictures just for the fun of it, is really, really, really, good.  Even for someone like me who rarely has a day without some form of drawing it makes such a difference, in such a short time.
Farmers Market, London. Dip pen and sepia ink.
I kind of wish that I could find the same enthusiasm for physical exercise, I haven't found that yet! So, until I do I shall be a chunky artist, very happily drawing away and trying to put a lot of it into words.  I shall post updates here and so you will know when the first two, "Urban Landscapes" and "People" are hot to trot!


Anonymous said...


Congratulation on your book project. I have had a drawing/painting habit and dropped it. I think the issue for people picking up the brush or pencil is courage.

We spend our time getting prepared, buying all the "right" equipment - it is activity and seems to be moving us forward when there is a fear of not doing well or understanding what part of what we are looking at that really speaks to us or is important for us to save to the page.

I also see many people sharing their pages - this is fine. But one day someone sort of took my book and looked at it - not really with permission and started a harsh critique. If I had been writing words in a personal journal - very few would look over my shoulder and critique. Some may not be willing to share what they draw or paint. I think that is the option of the maker.

annie said...

Great project, Sarah. And I wish you all the luck with it. Projects like this, art blogs, art CDs, You Tube tutorials-- each has helped us beginners so much. I am still too shy about drawing in public to do it. But maybe in time I will get there.

I also hear you, Anonymous. Probably I would not use my art journal to sketch or paint in a public setting. I would not want to share my personal pages. I'd have to use a smaller, less personal page, and even then, I'd probably discourage anyone from looking at it--because, lets face it-- our sketching is also personal.