Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Working Trip

I am about to take to the road on a working trip to France for a month.  The intention is to do a lot of work, big and small in all sorts of media so first off this is what I am taking...
It looks like a lot, well it is a lot but it all packs away into neat boxes in the van. 
First of all there is a pencil roll containing pastel pencils and a selection of inktense pencils.

A handy home made watercolour brush roll made from my painting apron, which is still usable as a painting apron.

A French easel full of oil paints and brushes, a bottle of white spirit and a spray can of fixative.

Tubs of gouache paint and my very old metal watercolour tin (which has seen many trips all over the world) A little roll of fancy tape and a small round tin full of conte sticks.

Two boxes of pastels from various makers.

 My tiny travel kit, miniature opinal knife pen, water-brush and pencil and antique watercolour box and the book that I am reading.
 A tin of pencils and pens, a small prochade box, a selection of oil pastels, a box of bulldog clips, gessoed boards for oil painting and several sketchbooks with different papers. A huge roll of watercolour paper, 1.2m x 30 m!
 Watercolours for bigger painting, the big watercolour drawing boards/easel are in the van already.
Here it all is packed up. I think I have thought of all eventualities plus I have a brilliant hat.  Next up will be the map of the proposed route.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On The Road

 A little moleskine sketchbooks worth of a road trip , up the A 30, onto the M5 to Gloucestershire
then back on the most lovely A39.    
I am obviously not filling a sketchbook page worse than texting while driving?
 Possibly about the same as far as danger goes.
  However I am not the driver, just the driven and I do enjoy road trips.