Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Selected and Camping in France

How bizarre, while sitting in the evening sun beside the Loire, waiting for a watercolour layer to dry, I checked the results for selection for the Discerning Eye and found out that my entry had made the grade! 

It's a tiny moleskine watercolour sketchbook with 29 paintings of roads all set in a beautiful opening frame (made by my very excellent framers Sullys of Penryn.) So you can have a different painting every day if you wish. I believe that Sketchbooks are the essence of everything that I do as an artist, they are the starting point, the runway from which you take off, so it seemed a good thing to have framed up for posterity. Anyway, I am very pleased to be included in the exhibition.

Today is the first day of my five week working trip across France. This is a little sketch done early this morning  just after leaving the ferry at Roscoff, as we  drove over "Wolf Mountain" in Brittany, a stunning view that always feels very ancient to me. 

Tonight we are camping beside the Loire a few miles south of Angers. There were flocks of water birds all gathering up to do their evening river swoop as I painted this. They are the little dots on the sand banks. Now it's time for a celebration whisky and to bed under canvas.


Kerry Nowak said...

I just love the idea of your sketchbook in that openable frame! Like opening a treasure chest! Beautiful! I think keeping sketchbooks is so important, but now you've taken it to the next level!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I just wrote a comment on the latest post - without checking down to the previous one

Well done on the ING! Have you got an image for me? I'm writing a post about selected artists at the weekend.