Sunday, October 18, 2015

Urban Landscape Painting Trips of all Kinds

This morning I was sketching in Harlem, New York City, there it is, my finished sketch.  Yesterday I was drawing a little view in Venice.
All of these are final drawings for the book that I am working on, Urban Landscapes. For this particular chapter my super fast mode of transport shall remain a mystery to be revealed in the book.  Other drawings and paintings are also part of the book.
This one is drawn on location in France, en PleinAir air but then changed, or rather added to later on.
And this one is a larger oil of a street in London.  
The most difficult aspect of doing the book is actually remembering to take photographs at stages during the drawings or paintings creation. 
The best bit, by far, has been drawing and painting obsessively. Without doubt, practice, practice, practice, enough is never enough and it makes a huge difference, mainly to your confidence in your ability to take on complicated subjects.
It's all been very interesting.

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Elizabeth Merchant said...

Urban Landscape Painting Trips of all Kinds - the sketch of Harlem really caught my eye. It's good to see the manhole to manhole caddies and the deuce 1/4 are no longer double parked. Kudos.