Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Night and Day" a new collection

I have an exhibition of brand new work opening at Beside The Wave in Falmouth on January 29th.
The title of this show, "Night and Day", as well as being a fantastic Cole Porter song, captures absolutely everything that I am motivated to paint.  Light seen at different times of the day or night, life and lovely times captured and celebrated by the act of painting; The sun shining through glasses on a thick white linen table cloth.  Mist slowly clearing in the early morning.  The heat of an afternoon wandering through a garden in a foreign land, senses alive to new scents and sensations.  Visiting the city and enjoying the colour of a rain soaked sky.
Early Morning in the Garden 40 x 80 cm oil on linen

 As keeping sketchbooks are fundamental to my practice as an artist I have celebrated this aspect by  including two little sketchbooks, “French Roads” and “A Cornish Winter” both complete with 29 little paintings and housed in a special opening frame so that it is possible to enjoy each painting and then to have a new one every day.  Like a slow time slide show!
French Roads, complete sketchbook 29 paintings, 9.5 x 29 cm, watercolour

A collection of new work that I think sits very well together.  I will put all the work on my web site after the 29th, in the meantime a preview can be requested from Beside The Wave.
Morning Table 60 x 40 cm oil on linen

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