Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Me and my Mobile Studio

I am really excited, my van is taking shape, all kitted out with what we need for a "grand tour"  This year we plan to travel through France and then down one side of Italy and up the other. Painting and plein airing all the way. As usual this is a working trip and I will be taking commissions. Filling sketchbooks and making larger paintings.  I plan to take "bear making supplies" just in case I need to fill the Italian evenings!
The trip is still in the planning stages but the van is getting better and better as the days go by.  Today it got sign written, so now I wont forget what my job is or which van is mine!  There is plenty of storage inside to take all my kit, easels, paints, oil and watercolour, canvas and boards, dry media and lots of sketchbooks.  The van has an eight foot awning so painting in the shade will be possible wherever we stop. It will have bikes on the back for forays into tiny hidden villages and trips to markets.
The trip should take about three months.  Details to follow but if you know of anywhere that you think would be great for an artist to visit please let me know.


Marianne Ginsberg said...

Good for you for following your dream! It looks great.

Jess said...

This sounds amazing! I love your new van, I've never seen a travelling artist van before, I think it's about time I did. ;) Good luck on your travels! xx