Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Paint it Black

I am setting myself a bit of a challenge, all about colour.
I have been planning some still life works and I firmly believe that we all need to learn and train and study all of the time and as I like to stretch myself out of my comfort zone I came up with a cunning plan.  I am collecting together things of one colour group, just things that I have in my home, putting them all together then painting them.
starting with a drawing
Starting with a drawing, just to loosen up, then I shall paint, I think I shall attempt watercolour as well as oils.  I have a feeling that they will make a very interesting collection.  I might even devote a whole sketchbook to each colour.  Now that would be interesting.
Anyway, for now this is the start of  ebony, inky, jet, jetty, onyx, pitch, pitchy, sable, sooty, kuro, lelia, Black.
spot the Aubergine!
Other colour collections to follow, as well as a series of beautiful colour paintings!

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