Friday, May 26, 2017

Painting from The Water

I have an exciting new project...I know that I say that a lot but this is really exciting.
I am, with the help of my glamorous assistant, (he is doing all the hard work) restoring this beautiful little 8 foot, clinker built, dinghy.  

Because, this is where I live... I want, need and have to go out onto the water to paint.  I want to be under my own steam.  Painting is a solitary discipline, it takes time and therefore must be attempted when I need a little boat.
This is she, in the back garden getting a lot of love and attention, Dutch oil for the wooden interior.  She has wooden oars and will will have a little center board and rudder, I will make a sail, called a dipping lug, out of stripy fabric, (not traditional but I dont care)
She is being painted a beautiful bright red,
and rather obviously will be called "Poppy"
So very soon she will be up and on the water, with me and my paints and I can do paintings like this
and this
while sitting on her new stripy cushions and bobbing gently in the river.
Happy Days!

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Kate Pearce said...

How wonderful! As I remember, one of the delightful characters from The Wind in the Willows said, There's nothing like messing about in Boats