Thursday, August 31, 2017

Roadside Painting

My most favourite way of working is to travel the highways and byways of France, stopping to paint whenever something catches my eye.  Today it was the wonderful Walnut Orchards that are plentiful in this area.  When it is really hot they have such depths of dark blue green shade, that just to look at them cools you down!
Traveling this trip in extream luxury in my "mobile studio" enough room for all my equipment and enough space for me, and my glamorous assistant, to live comfortably.  We can stop, make some lunch, make use of a handy picknic table to paint on, then move on.

I have watercolour paints in many different containers to suit all occasions. Enough time for a proper painting session and I can get out these shown here. Once upon a time many years ago they started life as a nifty little set of draws holding screws and washers from a supermarket. They got repurposed into a great watercolour resource. I fill them up from tube colours and they last for ages.  I write the names on the lids as I always forget what I use most of!

One of my most favourite colours has got to be "Rose madder genuine" it is key to my french shadow mix, with French Ultramarine it makes a beautiful pinky blue shadow... best of all it actually smells of roses!

No roses in this latest roadside production but plenty of French shadow mix!  

Oils and watercolours are equal contenders for a painting session, not quite sure yet how I decide which to use, it must be instinct but I can say that I am throughly enjoying this painting road trip. 
You can see all of the paintings from this trip, updated as I travel along, on my website. There will also be an exhibition of them in October.

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