Painting Provence

All of these paintings were painted during a two week visit to Provence, France, in June 2011. 
Every painting has been completed "en plein air" braving very hot sun, inquisitive ants and interested people.  They are painted using either oil, watercolour or gouache.  The sizes vary from small, 4 inches x 6 inches to larger , 14 inches x  20 inches. 
They are shown here in reverse order, in other words, this one, Gordes Fountain is the last one to be painted.
Some of them will be for sale from Beside The Wave Gallery from August 5th 2011.
Gordes Fountain. Watercolour with Gouache 

Fig Tree. Gordes. Watercolour with Gouache

From Gordes Watercolour, Gouache and Pen

Gordes. Oil

Lavender. Oil

Lavender Stripes. Oil
Lavender Shadows. Oil

Evening Vines. Gouache

Morning Vines.  Gouache

Sault.  Gouache

Little Garden.  Gouache

Rooftops.  Gouache
Les Demoiselles Midday.  Gouache

Church Tower.  Gouache

Shadow Shed.  Oils

The Blue Chair.  Oils

The Pool.  Watercolour

Hotel Terrace.  Watercolour

Cloud Island.  Oil

Midnight, Summer Solstis.  Oil

Postcard to The Gallery.  Oil

Shadow.  Watercolour

Rainy Day.  Oil

Mont Ventoux.  Oil

Vines.  Gouache with Watercolour

The Well.  Gouache

The Road Home.  Gouache

Trrrace Pots.  Gouache
Boules Early Evening.  Watercolour

Farm and Cherry Orchard.  Watercolour

House, Mid Morning.  Oil

Les Demosielles.  Oil

Monday Evening, Dusk.  Watercolour.

French Window, Blue Jug.  Watercolour

Crillion Le Brave, Steps.  Watercolour

Midday Pottager.  Oil

Rose and Rosemary.  Oil

Morning Vignette.  Watercolour

The Lavender Abby.  Watercolour

Lavender Abby.  Oil

Midday Market.  Watercolour.

Early Morning Mountain Worship.  Oil

The Ruin, Late Afternoon.  Watercolour

Night, Crillion le Brave.  Watercolour

Rain, Mont Ventoux.  Watercolour

Washing Line and Pegs.  Oil

Terrace, Before Breakfast.  Oil

The Remains of the Day.  Watercolour

Pots on the Terrace.  Watercolour

Mont Ventoux.  Watercolour

The Ruin.  Watercolour

Morning Light.  Oil.

Provence Pottager, Storm Clouds.  Oil

House in Hot Sun.  Watercolour

From the Terrace, Morning.  Oil

Ochre Cliff, watercolour.

Ochre Cliff.  Oil

Mont Ventoux, Early.  Oil

Provencal Evening.  Oil.